Women in STEM Careers

What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM careers are in high demand demand and have a bright outlook. While other careers are declining, STEM careers are continuing to grow.

STEM acronym Science Technology Engineering Mathematics
Percentage of Females in College Majors
Bachelor's Degrees* % Female
Public administration and social services 82.12
English 69.35
Communication and journalism 64.86
Liberal arts, general studies, and humanities 63.03
Visual and performing arts 60.33
Biology and biomedical sciences 58.96
Mathematics and statistics 42.97
History 40.13
Physical sciences and science technologies 38.48
Philosophy and religious studies 36.74
Engineering 20.03
Computer and information sciences 18.03
*STEM majors have green text

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of women in STEM careers. According to the National Science Foundation, only 28% of U.S. workers in STEM fields are women. In general, women are less likely to pick a STEM college major. The table shows that women graduates are the minority for most STEM college majors.

This website is designed to give information about various STEM careers so that women can be informed of some career options that have a good salary and bright job outlook. Each page highlights a few careers at various education levels. Information about each career is from onetonline.org. You can find O*Net's complete list of STEM careers by visiting the following link:

O*Net STEM Careers List